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I had put off starting this project for much longer than I had planned, mainly due to not being content with previous recordings I had done. So, in an attempt to ignore my repeated discontent I recorded all of my songs in one fell swoop. The result is this six track demo that I'll have at whatever shows I'm playing. These songs are the product of setting off on my own and attacking the daunting process of writing solo songs as opposed to the usual full band tunes.


released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Tale-Teller Heart Toronto, Ontario

Banjo slingin'
folk dweeb
from Toronto

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Track Name: To The Waterfall
Where will you be
in five years time?
Looking from your rooftop
out on the landscape that never called me eagerly
I've been thin
and I've been absent
I wish this was once before
but I've got notches on my arm

Some float upstream
and others down, down, down
In search of safe, dry land
or off the side of a great big waterfall
That's where I'll go
That's where I'm heading
I'm so sorry if I've been tense
just know I love you still

But I'll keep moving
and you'll keep moving

I'll keep on moving
down the river to the waterfall
I'll keep on dreaming
about the river by the waterfall
Track Name: Occupy My Mind
Someday I'll step into the cold
and my eyes won't bleed
These songs are blaring like a pipe bomb blowing up the streets
but I just sit back and kick up my feet

Cause I know
nothing matters more than what's been preached to me
and I think I'm finally starting to see
that nothing really matters to me
as much as when I was fifteen

So I spend my days occupying time
reading the bus ads and numerous subway wall signs
But Occupy Toronto won't cease to occupy my mind
Too bad I never made it there on time

But I know
nothing matters more than what's been preached to me
and I think I'm finally starting to see
that nothing really matters to me
as much as when I was fifteen
Track Name: Sore Lungs
Dew has been forming
in the garden on top of my head
Daybreak has come,
daybreak has come
And I'm so much older now
than I was last fall
But still I'm so young,
still I'm so young

I'm just a tall, frail treehouse
with pitfalls and ploys
Carved up all around,
carved all around
And all that I ask
is you perch by my doorstep with ease
And make not a sound,
not a sound not a sound

I try, I try to be more discerning
of every beautiful mind

Be as sturdy as the pavement
and stronger than the sea
Just be as cautious as a sparrow
and as open as can be

I try, I try to be more discerning
of every beautiful mind
As fragile as I may feel
there are others beside me
with weaker branches than mine
Track Name: There Is A Jar That Holds The Things I Love
I miss my friends
from only a couple months ago
and you know I try to justify
my reasons for hanging so close

I wish I had the guts
to see the greatness in everyone I meet
but when there's hypocrites and murderers
it's hard to stay upbeat that's for sure

So I guess that's what they say our friends are for

I kept on driving
down that winding road
carried on by folks I'd met
no more than a year ago
and that's not to say I'm leaving
my loved ones behind
I just need to keep on moving sometimes, sometimes
I just need to keep on moving sometimes

And I know
that they'll take care of me
and I'll take care of them

Now things are changing
and I'm more insecure
and reunions feel like work
and I'm not even sure
if I'm the same dumb kid
that I used to be
but no matter what I know that they'll always love me
I know that they will always love me
Track Name: Frosty Toes
The sky was green
the night I wrote this song by candlelight
I hoped it meant
everything would be alright

Paper and stacks of books
fill my tabletop
Nothing of use can come
from this old sorry lot
I tried to leave,
take my things and run away
but paper and stacks of books
seem to make me stay

Maybe these songs
will drive me away
Maybe my lungs
will drag me away

I slept through the sun
into the night I missed my friend
I felt like the world had ended,
wished that the world would end
The next day it shone so bright
right through my windowsill
but still I felt so empty
felt the cold, cold winter's chill

Maybe the sun
will drive me away
Maybe my lungs
will drag me away
Track Name: The Longest Branch On The Tallest Tree
The sun rose up up up to the rooftops
my vision it faded away with every passing stop
the hours had finally woke up after me
with my back back back facing days behind
I stumbled out of bed intent on making it mine
I stormed the gates and climbed down the hill to the sea

There's nothing left here for me
So long to wasted company

I've been drained drained drained of my self control
it's time to change my name and grow a sturdy backbone
this rut I'm in is so toxic I'm gonna explode
This constant ride ride ride I've been taking everyday
has got me feeling more and more that I gotta run away
there's nothing anyone can say that makes me want to stay at home

Looks like I'm done with Toronto

I don't want to resent the ones I love
But it's taken me to long to make my mind up
I don't want to leave behind the ones I love
but I'm more sure than I've been any other time