Pender Recordings

by Tale-Teller Heart

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Aisley VaKunt
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Aisley VaKunt This album never gets old. I've listened to it in entirety 20+ times. Vocals are infectious. Lyrics hit home. All of the best instruments.

Stay rad. Favorite track: Winter Weather.
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Clara Just folk me up Favorite track: Fuck This, I'm Leaving Toronto.
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This album was recorded on the evening of October 5th 2014 in a trailer on Pender Island B.C.

Most of these songs have already been released (some are going on their third run) but fuck you I do what I want!


released December 10, 2014

Sam - Banjo
Teo - Accordion
Laurie - Cello
Alison - Fiddle
Feather - Saw

I'm pretty sure we all sing in these recordings

All songs were written by Sam except for Track 4 which was written by Teo and Track 5 which was written by Douglas Fur

Album art by Feather!!!



all rights reserved


Tale-Teller Heart Toronto, Ontario

Banjo slingin'
folk dweeb
from Toronto

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Track Name: Get the Fuck Out of My Mind
Well I've never had such a funny feeling
There's just no simple explanation and there's just no simple reason
But my thoughts might take me to places unheard of
But my head is staying in one place
Cause I've got so many things that keep me staying
and one reason is these friends that I've been making
you told me "never count on others they will only let you down"
But sometimes it's hard, so god damn hard

I've been hung up on this feeling I've been yearning
That comes around this time of year when my skin just won't stop burning
I'll be free from feeling guilty I'll be nurtured and acknowledged
I'll be happy just you wait and see
But the sun can only bring so much good progress
'Till it scurries away at the end of August
And when that day comes I'll be much stronger than last winter
We can sing these words, we'll sing them loud

Get the fuck out of my mind
Take me back to the place when I felt fine
We're all just making it one day at a time
Get the fuck out of my mind
Take me back to the place when I felt fine
I'm sorry if I'm leaving you behind
You wouldn't want this anyway

Oh this flavour on my lips that I've been tasting
Takes me back to drinking 40s in your parents' dingy basement
When the heat would open every door in this whole city
I could wander out the days before the cold
But that basement never felt like it was staying
It takes some time to learn who's worth the pains I'm taking
It seems the only thing that's stagnant is the dryness and the rain
So I gotta move, I'm moving on
Track Name: To the Waterfall
Where will you be
in five years time?
Looking from your rooftop
out on the landscape that never called me eagerly
I've been thin
and I've been absent
I wish this was once before
but I've got notches on my arm

Some float upstream
and others down, down, down
In search of safe, dry land
or off the side of a great big waterfall
That's where I'll go
That's where I'm heading
I'm so sorry if I've been tense
just know I love you still

But I'll keep moving
and you'll keep moving

I'll keep on moving
down the river to the waterfall
I'll keep on dreaming
about the river by the waterfall
Track Name: Getting Even (Douglas Fur Cover)
My watch is broken
and my throat feels coarse
my eyes are blank
and my smile is forced
how can we be strong
and not so weak
how did we lose to the television screen
that screams war war war war
sex drugs sex
vi vi vi vi
die die die
after this talk show
we've got you by the throat
and we're never letting go

No we're never letting go
we're never letting go
we've got you by the throat and we're never letting go
nothing new is up to you it's all under control
a braindead life
is yr one and only hope

So when's the time fer action
when yr time is never yours
money costs desires
discarded on the floor
I'd like to run forever
(?? I don't actually know this line ??)
I'd like to just keep running
until I fall in love
In the foggy streets
my time is my own
I ride ride ride
like I'm never coming home
one time I ran fer weeks
searching fer gold
I'm way too young
to feel so old

I'm too young to feel so old
too young to feel so old
searching fer gold
I'm too young to feel so old
my ears don't work after the last punk show
my beard's full of dirt
and my pants are full of holes

So burn all the nick-nacks
hangin on yr wall
don't answer the door
when the cops get called
don't go to mass
and never go to court
I'll never fall asleep
but I'll never ever get bored
because god is dead
and it's starting to hail
the highway's closed
and the stock market failed
I'm gonna make it now
I know that I can
I'm not getting mad
no I'm getting even

No I'm getting even
I'm getting even
I'm not getting mad
no I'm getting even
I'm not getting mad
I'm getting even
I'm not getting mad
I'm just getting even
Track Name: There is a Jar That Holds the Things I Love
I miss my friends
from only a couple months ago
and you know I try to justify
my reasons for hanging so close

I wish I had the guts
to see the greatness in everyone I meet
but when there's hypocrites and murderers
it's hard to stay upbeat that's for sure

So I guess that's what they say our friends are for

I kept on driving
down that winding road
carried on by folks I'd met
no more than a year ago
and that's not to say I'm leaving
my loved ones behind
I just need to keep on moving sometimes, sometimes
I just need to keep on moving sometimes

And I know
that they'll take care of me
and I'll take care of them

Now things are changing
and I'm more insecure
and reunions feel like work
and I'm not even sure
if I'm the same dumb kid
that I used to be
but no matter what I know that they'll always love me
I know that they will always love me
Track Name: Fuck This, I'm Leaving Toronto
The sun rose up up up to the rooftops
my vision it faded away with every passing stop
the hours had finally woke up after me
with my back back back facing days behind
I stumbled out of bed intent on making it mine
I stormed the gates and climbed down the hill to the sea

There's nothing left here for me
So long to wasted company

I've been drained drained drained of my self control
it's time to change my name and grow a sturdy backbone
this rut I'm in is so toxic I'm gonna explode
This constant ride ride ride I've been taking everyday
has got me feeling more and more that I gotta run away
there's nothing anyone can say that makes me want to stay at home

Looks like I'm done with Toronto

I don't want to resent the ones I love
But it's taken me to long to make my mind up
I don't want to leave behind the ones I love
but I'm more sure than I've been any other time